The National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) exists to meet a need for a beekeeping qualification above the level of the Certificates awarded by the United Kingdom National Beekeeping Associations.

The Diploma is the highest beekeeping qualification recognised in the United Kingdom and its holders are generally well-known figures within beekeeping education.

The NDB Board is entirely independent although its members come from a wide range of beekeeping organisations and it has representatives from all the National Beekeeping Associations.

To support students working towards the higher UK certificates or towards the National Diploma, the NDB Board run a week-long residential Advanced Course and a variety of regular two-day Short Courses. These course provide access to facilities and tuition not normally available and are designed to complement study through practical work and discussion.

Advanced Course, May 2015

Applications are invited for the Advanced Course.The 2015 Advanced Course is in planning and is expected to take place during May. It will again be based at the National Bee Unit, near York. read more page link

NDB Assessment

Applications are invited for the NDB Assessment, which will take place during 2015. Assessments are conducted every other year and involve a number of written, practical, and discussion exercises. read more page link


Beekeepers in the UK are encouraged to visit the National Bee Unit's BeeBase website to receive the latest advice on bee health and husbandry. read more page link